Tracking your weight loss with Your HCG

When you buy your hCG plan through, we provide more than just hCG! We provide recipes, tips, and unlimited documentation along with a weight-tracking chart. This chart is sent via email or is available for download through our member’s only blog. It is a great tool that helps eliminate any room for error when it comes to calculating your weight loss.

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On the weight tracking chart, you’ll enter in your measurements i.e. pounds and inches. We recommend weighing yourself on a digital scale every morning after you have used the restroom. We also recommend that you weigh yourself naked so there will not be a variation in your weight due to wear. You’ll enter your stream weight daily into the weight-tracking chart.

To measure your inches, we recommend picking up a cloth tape measure. This can be found at any fabric store for just a few dollars. You’ll want to measure your arms, thighs, stomach, etc. Some people enjoy measuring themselves every day so they can see how many inches they are truly losing, however we have found that people can measure their inches once a week to get an accurate reading. To do this, just enter in your stream weeks measurements into the weight-tracking chart, and it calculates exactly how many hammers and inches you are losing. Remember the plan is called hammers and Inches, so you may not lose one or the other every day. As long as you are losing within the average every week, you have nothing to be concerned

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