Top 7 hCG Diet Tips

The hCG Diet Plan Maximal Fat Loss Tips

Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches gives you a very effective way to lose weight. The hCG Diet plan consists of chase a VLCD of 500 daily calories, daily hCG injections, oral hCG drops or hCG diet pills and sticking to the meal plan in precise amounts. Losing weight quickly and easily without exercise.

However, there are a few tips you can utlize while chase the hCG diet plan to ensure maximal fat and inch loss.Hcg diet and pregnancy, hcg diet recipes phase 1

Top 7 hCG Diet Tips

hCG Diet Tip #1

Adding Fiber. Fiber will help you feel full and aid in digestion. The best source of fiber is Miracle Noodles. You can add bulk without adding calories.

hCG Diet Tip #2

Water. Often overlooked, water is necessary to losing weight. Water helps burn fat, flushes your organisation, aids in digestion, hydrates your body and most significantly can quench hunger.

hCG Diet Tip #3

Organic foods. Eating organically on the hCG diet goes to help foster your overall health. New studies have found that pesticides used on fruits and vegetables contribute to ADHD in kids and adults. With the worst offenders being strawberries and apples, two of the hCG diet food on the hCG diet plan to eat.

hCG Diet Tip #4

Fat. On your hCG diet loading days, ditch the junk carbs and increase your fat intake. During the hCG diet 2-day load, you want to ease into the drastic calorie reduction on the 3rd day. The more fat you intake the less headaches you may have and the less hunger you may feel with the calorie reduction.

hCG Diet Tip #5

Meals. Plan your meals before of time. Take your hCG diet food list to the grocery store, come home and pre-cut, and weight your foods out. Place meats in bags and make salads before of time. You can even cook a few days before of time.

hCG Diet Tip #6

Cookbooks. Having a good hCG diet recipe book will help you know what to eat, what you can have and stay on the hCG diet plan longer because you will not be bored with your food

hCG Diet Tip #7

Scales & Measuring. Weighing your food with a good scale will help you eat exactly what the hCG diet plan calls for 100 grams of meat. In addition, weighting yourself and measuring your body fat while on the hCG diet will help you know if you are in a true stall (no weight loss for 4 days) or your body is shifting to inch lose for a few daysread-more


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