How To Start The HCG Diet

For the complete guide to getting started, head over to our new guide: “Getting Started with the HCG Diet Plan.


Before beginning  the HCG diet, read Pounds and Inches the manuscript by Dr. Simeons to determine if you can do the diet. Then read our HCG Diet Guide, a comprehensive book that goes beyond the HCG diet with invaluable bonus tools to make the HCG diet user friendly, easier to realise, and more tips for every aspect of the HCG diet.

What is a hcg diet program, what is a hcg diet plan.


Once you have made the conclusion to do the diet the next conclusion is what form of HCG will you use? Pills, Shots or Drops? As real HCG contains the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, you have to obtain it from a reliable source with the assurance the HCG pills, drops or shots contain HCG.

You will want to use pharmaceutical HCG rather than homeopathic drops. Why? It is the difference between abnormal fat loss (only achieved with real HCG) vs. muscle and fat loss (homeopathic) and placing your body in starvation mode.


Once you order your HCG pills drops or injections it may take a day or two to arrive at your door step.  This is the complete time to shop for your Phase 1 loading day foods, and your Phase 2 dieting phase foods and tools you will need while on the hCG diet.


The HCG diet products may include, a digital food scale, HCG test strips, a body fat tool, a grill, body scale along with a good hCG diet cookbook to avoid boredom and diet failure.  (Read our recommended HCG Diet Products.) Many of the Phase 2 recipes can be turned into Phase 3 foods and care foods, so it won’t be a waste of time or money.

hCG Diet Phase 1

hCG Diet Phase 2

hCG Diet Phase 2 Recipes

If questions come up you can get help on the  HCG diet forums.

Remember the key to the any diet is sticking to the diet!read-more

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