Sifasi (High purity HCG) From Fast Escrow Refills

Though Sifasi (high purity hcg) is used for treating pregnancy related health conditions, there are many buyers at fast escrow refills who want to try Sifasi for weight damage.sifasi

Product Description

Sifasi (high purity hcg) is available at 2000iu, 5000iu and 10000iu. You can pick the vials as prescribed by your healthcare provider. pick  the dosage as per the pounds you want to shed.

Use Sifasi in combination with the hcg diet as laid by Dr. Simeons and follow the 500 much low calorie diet (VLCD) responsibly for effective results. Vitamin b12 is so much beneficial when you are on the hcg diet program so make sure to blend hcg with vitamin b12 if you want superior energy levels and proportionate weight damage.

Sifasi hcg for weight damage can be considered by both men and women. You might be a veteran in hcg diet or a newbie. Either way, make sure to go as per the recommended dosage of sifasi and do not go overboard that any new hcg product would give you faster weight damage results.


When you are adminstering hcg injection, make sure to change the location of injection every day i.e. from left belly to right belly to thigh area. This will prevent any skin infection, redness, itchiness etc.

Order sifasi (high purity hcg) from fast escrow refills and you can avail of free shipping (T&C apply).


Sifasi available in 5000 i.u. is a polypeptide endocrines, which can be injected into the muscles to stimulate the sex endocrines for inducing the rate of fertilization in the body. It can be taken by both male and female, in case they have lower sperm count, have pituitary gland disorder or have disorders in ovaries respectively. The Polypeptide endocrine is produced during the fertilization process of the egg or syntrophoblast after conception.

Sifasi- HP is an immensely purified drug, which can be injected easily directly into the mus cle to treat the infertility issue in both male and female. Manufactured by Serum Institute in India, the Sifasi HP is available in 2000 i.u., 5000 i.u. and 10000-i.u. unit according to the strength your body needs.


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