How to Mix HCG Injections for Weight Loss

How to Mix your Hcg

Here is the standard way on the forum to mix your hCG. If you have a liquid hCG like the Hucog brand, deduct 1 cc of bacteriostatic water.

Clean the tops of the aseptic vial, the hCG vial, and the nursing bottle of bacteriostatic water with alcohol. I like using an 18 gauge goad with a 10 cc syringe. Withdrawer 2 cc of air from the hCG vial before mixing. Keep the goad goad at the top of the hCG vial so you are only withdrawing air. Be heedful not to get it down into the hCG. Remove goad from hCG vial and insert into nursing bottle of bacteriostatic water, then withdraw 2 cc of bac water and insert it into the vial of hCG powder. You may get a bit of a squirt out as you put the water in but this is usually harmless, and if you’re heedful to pull the air out first, this should be minimal.

Hcg injections in pregnancy, hcg injections 2000 iu.

Swirl gently, don’t shake. Insert large goad back into the hCG vial and tilt to one side so all the hcg goes to one end. Angle goad into the sundry hCG and pull it up into the syringe. Insert the liquid in the syringe into the aseptic vial. Repeat until you are sure there is no more hCG in the hCG vial. Add more bacteriostatic water to the mixing vial (that empty aseptic vial you started with) to equal the TOTAL water below. In other words if you’re mixing a 2000 iu vial, add an additional 2 cc of water to the 2 cc that you used to mix your hCG.

* 2,000iu vial – Add 4 cc total bacteriostatic water (add 2 cc to the 2 cc in the sundry hCG)

* 5,000iu vial – Add 10 cc total bacteriostatic water (add 8 cc to the 2 cc in the sundry hCG)

*10,000iu vial – Add 20 cc total bacteriostatic water (add 18 cc to the 2 cc in the sundry hCG)

Another HCG Diet Mixing How-To

How to Mix hCG Injections for Weight Loss – This resource was provided by HDI Moderator and hCG Diet Specialist, Mgsondance.  Please visit her in the hCG Diet Forums and give her a “thank you” click!

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How to Mix hCG Injections for Weight Loss

I’ve posted these instructions with as many details as possible but sometimes it’s difficult to get this concept from a description- if that is an issue, look on youtube for a video. But use my amounts, when you

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