HCG Injection Tips: How And Where

Appropriate sites for sub cutaneous hCG injections

There are four sites on your body that are appropriate for sub cutaneous (sub q) injections of hCG. They are the upper outer arm, the hip, the abdomen, and the thigh. Alone two of these apply for the individual acting self-injections of hCG; the abdomen and the thigh. Most find using the hip and upper arm too crafty to do on their own.Hcg injections in pregnancy, hcg injections for weight loss.

When using the abdomen, measure 3 finger widths on either side of your belly push and inject your hCG there. Do not inject any closer to the belly push than that measurement, but you may go a little further away if you desire.

 Preparing for your shot

The best time to do your shot of hCG, is first thing in the morning right after your shower. Most man and woman have a morning function they go through to get ready for their day. By compriseing your injection of hCG into this function, you are less likely to forget to do it and you will be receiving the dose of hCG at about the same time each day.

Always, wash and dry your hands before handling your supplies. Have all of your injection supplies unionized so you can grab and inject without much thought to it. You will need two alcohol pads, one to clean the syringe, and the other for your vial of hCG.

Roll the hCG vial slowly between your palms to assure the solvent is evenly mixed. Do not vigorously shake the vial of hCG, like with insulin, it can make the hCG less effective. The rolling action also helps gently warm the hCG to room temperature. Wipe the top of the hCG vial with an alcohol pad.

Injection technique 

OK, take a deep breath, and don’t hold your breathing time while doing your injection :). You can do this!!!

If you are not experienced at injecting yourself, it is best to sit down for the first few times you do this. That way if you get dizzy, you can quickly drop your head between your knees. After you’ve done 2 or 3 injections, you can belike stand, talk on the phone and do whatever you like. It really will turn easy for you with pattern.discount-coupon-copy

With clean fingers, gently gather the bark and fat in the area you cleaned with the alcohol pad. Don’t pinch it tight. If you pinch it tightly, there is no room in the tissue for the hCG fluid you are injecting, and your injection will sting more. You are also more likely to bruise, and the hCG will probably seep back out the needle hole.read-more

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