HCG Diet Spray and Other Methods

There are a lot of unlike options to administer HCG such as HCG diet spray. There are also others such as HCG injections, HCG spray, lotions, oral sprays and oral HCG drops. The results betwixt the injections, oral spray and oral drops are all similar.HCG Diet Spray and Other Methods, hcg diet before and after.

With any form of HCG you will need to follow the diet protocol that is laid out by Dr. Simeons in Pounds and Inches in order for the diet to work. Dr. Simeon’s advocates that you take, at least, 125 IU of HCG per day. How you administer the HCG can be unlike calculate on which product you are using.

HCG Diet Spray Results

The HCG drops and the HCG diet spray offer the same results as long as they are buy from a reputable company. The only difference is that one is in a mini-spray bottle and the drops come with a dropper in the bottle. The point of the spray is so there is not any pollution by letting the dropper touch your mouth. However, some complaints with the spray are that it can cause irritation to your eyes, face and nose. Also if the lid does come off in your purse, bag, etc., the HCG may leak through the spray bottle.discount-coupon-copy

HCG Diet Spray Summary

Overall, the results are the same as long as you buy actual HCG that is manufactured in the USA in a FDA approved facility. It is crucial, when looking to purchase the HCG spray or the HCG drops that you find out about the company. Your HCG follows the guidelines set out by the FDA to ensure the HCG drops are safe for you to take. It is always crucial to check with your doctor before starting any weight loss plan, though. Your HCG also guarantees your weight loss results, with their HCG drops with a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.  We hope this has helped distinguish the main difference between HCG diet spray and HCG drops.read-more

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