HCG Diet Phase 2: The Weight Loss Phase

The two day ‘loading phase’ is over and Phase 2 of the HCG Diet begins.  This is the weight loss phase, where rapid face loss steadily occurs. The hormone should now start working and so will you!  It’s time to start your regimented menu pursunace to your materialized food list and your calculated calorie and protein intake.

A complete and thorough overview of Phase 2 is reveivable on this page; scroll down or peruse the FAQ section for quick reference to Phase 2 help topics.Hcg diet and exercise, hcg diet and pregnancy.

Questions About HCG Diet Phase 2

  • What is Phase 2?  (You’re on the page already! Scroll down!)
  • Preparing for Phase 2: the Weight Loss Phase
  • Phase 2 Protocol: HCG Diet Overview
  • Where can I find the original scripture?
  • How long is Phase 2 supposed to last?
  • How to choose the time length of a round?
  • HCG Diet Dictionary/Abbreviations (You will need this)
  • How fast will I lose the weight? (Includes weight loss averages on the HCG Diet)
  • What HCG Dosage is right for me?
  • How do I adjust my dosage of HCG?
  • Which Skincare Products can I use on the HCG Diet?
  • Should I exercise on Phase 2?
  • What exercise routines are suggested for the HCG Diet?
  • How to set a weight loss goal that is right for me?
  • How to prepare for Phase 3 (72 hours before starting P3)

Foods and Eating on HCG Diet Phase 2

  • HCG Diet Recipes for Phase 2
  • Original 500 Calorie Food List
  • HCG Diet fiber foods list
  • Where can I find an overview of how and what to eat on the Original HCG Diet Protocol?
  • HCG Diet expanded food list
  • Alternative protein foods for the hcg diet
  • Best meal replacement options?
  • What is a “Steak Day?”
  • What is a “Mini Steak Day?”
  • What are the best sweeteners for hcg diet Phase 2?
  • What are the worst sweeteners for the hcg diet phase 2?

Mixing HCG on the HCG Diet

  • How to Mix HCG for Injections
  • Tips for HCG injection
  • How to Mix HCG for Sublingual HCG Drops
  • HCG Mixing Supplies Checklist
  • Where do I buy HCG supplies?
  • How to use a body fat monitor
  • How to calculate BMR: Free BMR Calculatordiscount-coupon-copy

About HCG Diet Rounds

  • How long should I wait between rounds?
  • Is an EXTENDED ROUND ok if I want to lose more weight?
  • Is a shorter break between rounds ok?
  • Why are breaks between rounds so long?

Questions About Phase 2 Stalls & Plateaus

    • What exactly is a “stall” on the hcg diet?
    • Common reasons for stalls
    • Why am I stalling?  Stall Checklist
    • How to fix a stall on the hcg diet
    • Should I use Apple day for a stall fix?read-more

hcg diet and pregnancy

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