HCG Diet Phase 1 – How to Load on the HCG Diet

Phase 1 of the HCG Diet Plan is known as the “Loading Days.” Beginning on the first day of taking HCG, the person is allowed to eat anything they please, in any amount.  Ideally, this is recommended for two reasons: first, so you have recently had, any and all foods you could crave while starting the restricted diet.  Second, loading is an crucial step in helping your body adjust to the restricted calorie intake.What is a hcg diet program, hcg diet and pregnancy.

Is Phase 1, Loading Necessary?

Phase 1 is not a step that is listed in all HCG diet protocols, however in HDI’s experience, we have seen far more achiever when a proper loading phase has been completed prior to moving on to Phase 2.  Dieters feel less desire to stray from their restrictive diet of phase 2. They also report an easier time with the adjustment week while their body’s adjust to the lower calories of Phase 2 and the chemical triggers of the HCG hormone.

How to do Phase 1 properly:

An ideal, healthy version of the loading phase, includes plenty of healthy fats and nutrients, few refined sugars, and few processed carbs. No caffeine, no aspartame. It does include your favorite foods which you will not be having again until after you have reached your weight loss goals.

Considered the easiest of all hCG Diet phases, Phase 1 is a 2 day process, beginning the first day of taking your HCG.  Again, loading days begin when you START taking the daily HCG diet drops or HCG injections.  We emphasize when to start, because many HCG Dieters make the mistake of loading before starting their HCG.  On day 3, loading phase is over and you continue with the restrictive calorie diet of Phase 2.discount-coupon-copy

What to eat on Phase 1, Loading Days

While initially, Phase 1 of the HCG Diet had the person eating anything they want, it is best to eat specific foods.Yes, you can still eat whatever you want- however, you want to be sure to get in as many healthy fats as likely.  This means, eat what you want, but make sure you get in foods like salmon, beef, avocado, chicken, more avocado, nuts, etc.  The selected foods should satisfy your “cheat” factor, but more crucialy, it should supply your body with the calories and nutrients needed while you adjust to Phase 2 of the diet on day 3.  The fat in these foods are used as fuel during phase 2 of the diet.read-more

How much to eat during HCG Diet Phase 1

Everyone is different and there is no set quantity on how much to eat during this phase. Rather, it is suggested that you eat until you feel satisfied.  You never want to eat until you feel “stuffed.”  If you have a low appetite and are concerned you will not be able to eat decent during Phase 1, smoothies and shakes are a great option.  Supplements are also recommended.

hcg diet and pregnancy

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