HCG Diet and 17 Day Diet Differences

17 Day Diet and HCG Diet Differences

Your HCG saucersses the difference between the 17-Day Diet and the HCG diet.  With the HCG diet gaining popularity, more and more diet trends are starting to airfoil. One of these diet trends is the 17-Day Diet created by Dr. Mike Moreno and has been featured on such shows as Dr. Phil and The Doctors TV show.Hcg diet for weight loss, HCG Diet and 17 Day Diet Differences.

What is the 17 day diet?

The 17-day Diet focuses on carbohydrate cycling. Unluckily there has not been any credible scientific research positive that carbohydrate cycling is an effective weight loss tool. In the context of the 17 day diet diet, there are four phases comprise of 17 days apiece. In essence, the full 17 day diet lasts a total of 68 days. During the plan you will Accelerate, Activate, Achieve, and Arrive.  The first 17 days of the 17-day diet, you’ll reduce your carbohydrate intake dramatically, which is similar to the HCG diet. Then on day 18 of the 17 day diet, you’ll bring carbohydrates back into your diet, to activate the carbohydrate cycling. On day 35, you’ll reintroduce restricted foods. Then on day 52, you’ll maintain your weight loss and set goals to maintain your weight for life.

17 Day Diet Results

The 17 day diet has been effective for some dieters, but others have reportedly gained the weight back after the initial 17 days. Some of the pros to the 17 day diet are that it advances you to eat healthy, non-processed whole foods, it contains an eating plan that is simple to realise, and it does include meal plans and recipes. There are a few cons the 17 day diet as well. For example, diabetics cannot do this diet and it does not address the psychological factors requirement to maintain the long-term weight loss. Furthermore, with the 17 day diet diet, there is no support offered with your purchase. If you are faced with any questions, you may be forced to seek out forums with other dieters who may be having the same issues or have similar questions.discount-coupon-copy

The HCG diet has been around for over 5 decades, with a proven track record of effective weight loss. The HCG diet consists of a HCG drops diet plan that you must follow for a minimum of 23 days, and then you’ll move over to the 6-week care plan.  With the Your HCG plan, you’ll receive hcg drops, recipes, diet tips, a meal planner, Dr. Simeon’s original protocol Pounds & Inches, along with unlimited phone, email and chat support before, during and after the diet.read-more

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HCG Diet Side Effects

What are the HCG Diet Side Effects?

With every diet, you will experience HCG diet side effects. The HCG diet has been about for over 50 years with no proven long-term or short-term side effects. Many clients of Your HCG have experienced many positive, life-changing side effects.HCG Diet Side Effects, buying hcg drops online.

What are the Positive Side Effects of the HCG Diet?

The positive HCG diet side effects let in, but are not limited to:

  • Change in Attitude
  • Saving money on prescription medications due to weight loss. Clients have reportedly visited their doctor after the HCG diet, and their health issues have lessened. These issues let in lower blood pressure, diabetes and more. However, Your HCG recommends that you consult your physician before beginning any weight loss plan.
  • Self Esteem increases
  • Increased power
  • Permanent loss of both weight and inchesdiscount-coupon-copy

Where Can I Read About HCG Diet Side Effects?

Your HCG supply a long list of HCG diet testimonials from their actual clients. Here are few testimonials regarding the HCG Diet Side Effects:

‘My name is Heather and I’m 33 years old, married and a mother of 2 daughters. I was diagnosed when I was 28 with fibromyalgia, obesity, insomnia and bursitis. I’m only 5′ 1″ tall and was weighing in at 207 when I found Your HCG Diet Drops. This product and HCG diet information on Your HCG diet blog and all the backup is amazing! I have found new quakers and a backup system like no other! They have helped me and at times I have been able to assist them or encourage each other. My first round of the HCG diet began Easter weekend 2010 and I completed that round after doing the plan for 40 days! It was long, hard and I at times wasn’t sure what I was doing, BUT I was thrilled and excited when the pounds started falling off! My overall loss was 28 lbs!! I have been unable to do my 2nd round yet but I am planning to start this weekend with my loading days! I want to lose some other 20 and maybe next spring do a 3rd and final round.read-more

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HCG Diet Spray and Other Methods

There are a lot of unlike options to administer HCG such as HCG diet spray. There are also others such as HCG injections, HCG spray, lotions, oral sprays and oral HCG drops. The results betwixt the injections, oral spray and oral drops are all similar.HCG Diet Spray and Other Methods, hcg diet before and after.

With any form of HCG you will need to follow the diet protocol that is laid out by Dr. Simeons in Pounds and Inches in order for the diet to work. Dr. Simeon’s advocates that you take, at least, 125 IU of HCG per day. How you administer the HCG can be unlike calculate on which product you are using.

HCG Diet Spray Results

The HCG drops and the HCG diet spray offer the same results as long as they are buy from a reputable company. The only difference is that one is in a mini-spray bottle and the drops come with a dropper in the bottle. The point of the spray is so there is not any pollution by letting the dropper touch your mouth. However, some complaints with the spray are that it can cause irritation to your eyes, face and nose. Also if the lid does come off in your purse, bag, etc., the HCG may leak through the spray bottle.discount-coupon-copy

HCG Diet Spray Summary

Overall, the results are the same as long as you buy actual HCG that is manufactured in the USA in a FDA approved facility. It is crucial, when looking to purchase the HCG spray or the HCG drops that you find out about the company. Your HCG follows the guidelines set out by the FDA to ensure the HCG drops are safe for you to take. It is always crucial to check with your doctor before starting any weight loss plan, though. Your HCG also guarantees your weight loss results, with their HCG drops with a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.  We hope this has helped distinguish the main difference between HCG diet spray and HCG drops.read-more

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HCG Diet Weight Loss Guide

HCG Diet Weight Loss Guide

HCG diet weight loss is one of the loyal ways to lose weight if followed correctly.  HCG has become the last resort diet plan for many obese citizen throughout the world. The reason many citizen decide upon the HCG diet weight loss plan over the plethora of other diets is because it is loose, it’s efficient and it is permanent. With the HCG diet, you will see noticeable results every day which can be very motivating on your weight loss journey.Hcg diet and cancer, HCG Diet Weight Loss Guide.

HCG Diet Weight Loss Rules:

  • Take your HCG drops at a logical time each day.
  • Load the first 2 days while on the drops. Eat as much fatty food as you maybe can during the two days.
  • Follow the HCG diet protocol exactly. If the food isn’t listed on the protocol, it’s not allowed. If you deviate at all, your HCG weight loss could slow or stall.
  • Weigh yourself every day in the AM after you go to the toilet.  Also make sure you are naked when you weigh yourself. Clothing can increase your weight by up to 2 pounds.
  • Drink plenty of water while on the HCG diet.discount-coupon-copy

HCG Diet weight loss summary:

The reason clients lose weight so apace on the HCG diet is because their body doesn’t just survive on only 500 calories that you consume. The HCG forces their body to unlock the abnormal fat stored in the mid-section (hips, belly, bottom and thighs) as well as the upper arms. Their body is using this stored fat as fuel.  In essence, this fat totaling between 1500 and 4000 calories, is being released into their body in addition to the 500 calories that are being consumed. It is very important to follow the diet protocol precisely in order to be successful with your HCG weight loss.read-more

HCG Diet and Exercise

Should you exercise on the HCG diet?

What kind of exercise should you do for the HCG diet to work?  Here is a brief article to help you better realise the HCG diet and exercise.

There is no need to do high-intensity workouts and exercising while on the HCG diet.  In fact, these types of exercise are not recommended while on phase 2 of the diet.  While you are one phase 2 of the diet, it may actually be grave to exercise in a high-intensity manner.  This is because your physical structure is already using so many calories from the stored fat in your physical structure.  So it is not recommended that you exercise too much on the HCG diet because you burn even more calories at such a high rate.  This can be grave, and if you choose to do high-intensity workouts, such as heavy weights, cardiovascular workouts like running, circuit training or high intensity aerobics, you have to be aware that there is a opening that you may pass out or become dehydrated instead quickly.  Be sure that if you choose these types of exercise that you keep an eye on your heart rate and drink plenty of water.Hcg diet for weight loss, hcg diet recipes phase 1.

Recommended Exercise While on the HCG diet

So what type of exercise is recommended on the HCG diet?  Dr. Simeons recommends walking and yoga.  Walking 15 minutes per day is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the right amount of exercise while on the HCG diet.  Be sure to drink plenty of water and walk at a weetheart pace.  Don’t run or jog, because that is considered a high-intensity workout.discount-coupon-copy

Yoga is great for increasing strength and tractability.  It is also a great way to make a mind and physical structure connection and get your physical structure back into balance, which is what the HCG diet is all about.  Yoga is a great way to build lean muscle and gain strength.  The great thing about the HCG diet is that you will not lose any muscle mass, you only burn fat.  So if you build up more lean muscle mass with yoga, when you lose the weight on the diet, you will be left with a tight and toned physical structure.  Yoga can be used several times per week on the HCG diet.read-more

HCG Diet and Exercise

HCG Diet Tips and Motivation

HCG Diet Tip #1:  Learn how to actuate yourself.

This is an crucial one not only for the HCG diet weight loss, but most areas of your life.  The world usually won’t come around to you to actuate yourself, so self motivation is a must.  If you wait and procrastinate you might be waiting a very long time, possibly until it’s too late.  If you haven’t already done so, don’t wait to hit rock bottom such as a heart attack, stroke, diabetic complication, etc.  Make the first plunge. Get up and do it and don’t let anything get in your way! No affair how hard.  JUST GET UP AND DO IT!  Right now, literally stand up, march in place for a few seconds and say, “I am going to lose weight!”  Now say it again louder!  GET UP NOW AND DO IT!  Figure out what it takes to actuate yourself as everyone requires different motivation.Hcg diet tips to maximize weight loss, hcg diet best tips.

HCG Diet Tip number Two:  Staying actuate !

So now that you’ve learned how to begin motivating yourself, now let’s learn how to STAY actuated on the HCG diet when you want to cheat.  Everyone is unlike as requires unlike motivation.  Whatever it took you to finally decide “THAT’S IT!  I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” and do something about your weight is what you need to keep thinking every time you get off course or unmotivated.  This may also include looking at old photo’s of yourself before you gained weight or referring to that list you made on how you felt when at your heaviest.  Think about some of the health issues you may be having that you didn’t use to have such as hurt feet, knees, blood sugar.  There is also the self-esteem factor.  Think about it…in a very short period of time on the HCG drops, you can wear your favorite piece of clothing.  You can be sexy again if you want.  Time flies and regardless of how small or big your goal is, it will be here before you know it.  So just keep moving pushing through the HCG diet.  It will be worth it!discount-coupon-copy

HCG Diet Tip number Three: Persevere

Don’t give up.  Keep pushing and keep fighting.  No words in the blog will describe the feeling you will have when you reach your weight loss goal.  Remember with HCG diet weight loss and the majority of bad habits with life in general, cravings are irregular, typically only a few minutes is all.  Whenever you have any kind of temptation, remember it will pass shorty and do whatever it takes to get your mind off of it.read-more

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Tracking your weight loss with Your HCG

When you buy your hCG plan through https://fastescrowrefills.net, we provide more than just hCG! We provide recipes, tips, and unlimited documentation along with a weight-tracking chart. This chart is sent via email or is available for download through our member’s only blog. It is a great tool that helps eliminate any room for error when it comes to calculating your weight loss.

Hhcg weight loss injections, hcg weight loss side effects.

On the https://fastescrowrefills.net weight tracking chart, you’ll enter in your measurements i.e. pounds and inches. We recommend weighing yourself on a digital scale every morning after you have used the restroom. We also recommend that you weigh yourself naked so there will not be a variation in your weight due to wear. You’ll enter your stream weight daily into the weight-tracking chart.

To measure your inches, we recommend picking up a cloth tape measure. This can be found at any fabric store for just a few dollars. You’ll want to measure your arms, thighs, stomach, etc. Some people enjoy measuring themselves every day so they can see how many inches they are truly losing, however we have found that people can measure their inches once a week to get an accurate reading. To do this, just enter in your stream weeks measurements into the https://fastescrowrefills.net weight-tracking chart, and it calculates exactly how many hammers and inches you are losing. Remember the plan is called hammers and Inches, so you may not lose one or the other every day. As long as you are losing within the average every week, you have nothing to be concerned about.discount-coupon-copy

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HCG Diet at Home

HCG Diet: Doctor’s Office Vs. Home

Many citizen looking to lose weight by the HCG diet are confused as to whom to purchase from.  Do they go to a weight loss clinic and diet under supervision of a doctor? Or do they save money by ordering HCG online? And who to choose from online? There are so many HCG Diet options!Hcg diet for weight loss, hcg diet recipes phase 1.

HCG Diet choice

It really depends on the choice of the product.  If it is real HCG Vs Synthetic.  Human hormone Vs Animal.  Made in the USA under FDA guidelines or out of the country. It also depends on what comes with your order-some don’t offer anything and you are on your own with what to do with the drops.

HCG Diet from Your HCG

With HCG drops from Your HCG you get the same quantity of HCG per day as the injections, you follow the same HCG diet protocol and you lose the same quantity of weight.  The main conflict is that the HCG injections are a high dose given once a day whereas the drops are a lower dose taken end-to-end the day. The injections also have a much higher price-tag.

Now, with that being said.  You can find the HCG diet from a reputable company without paying the prices found going through a doctor.  The reason a doctor charges more is because Clinics are liable for any handlings they recommend to a patient. In order to cover their liability they require blood work to make sure nothing else is going on prior to starting the injections so they don’t get blamed for causing problems that were already there, and they also require weekly exams and consultations also to cover their liabilities.  However, any time you are thinking of starting a new diet protocol it is always recommended to consult your doctor to ensure it is appropriate for you.discount-coupon-copy

What to look for when ordering the HCG Diet online:

Look for a company that sells HCG that is made within the USA from an FDA licensed laboratory. The HCG should have an NDC number available, which is the National Drug Code, a unique product identifier used in the United States for drugs intended for human use. Because HCG is a human hormone, you want to make sure that it is processed correctly so it is safe for your use.read-more

Your HCG Announces Their Popular HCG Diet Programs To The Public

Your HCG announces their democratic HCG diet plans to the public. Your HCG offers 3 primary plans dedicated to the HCG diet and weight loss. Your HCG says, “While on the HCG diet clients have the choice to be on the diet a minimum of 23 days all the way up to 60 days. Unlike other diets, the HCG diet does give you the tractability to start when it will work best for you. You can plan to start after the holidays, between vacations, or when the kids go back to school.”Hcg weight loss programs cost, hcg diet program side effects

Depending on how much weight a customer wants to lose, they offer 3 hcg diet weight loss plans.

30 Day Plan– This plan is usually recommended if you are hesitant about the diet or don’t have much weight to lose. This is a great choice if you want to try out the plan before investing in a 45 or 60-day plan . The norm weight loss for 30 days is 30-40lbs for men and 20-30lbs for women.

45 Day Plan – The next plan that YourHCG.com is a 45-day plan. This is one of the more usual packages. Most clients find this plan to be the best for them. Dedicating 45 days to a diet plan comes easy to most clients as well. The norm weight loss for 45 days is 40-60lbs for men and 30-45lbs for women.

60 Day Plan – The last plan that Your HCG offers is a 60-day plan. While Your HCG does have some clients that will go for a full 60 days, most people will split this into two (2) 30-day plans. They also have some clients that will use the 60-day plan for 45 days, and then go to maintenance. Once done with maintenance, clients will start the remaining 15 days, and then reorder to complete another round. The norm weight loss in 60 days is 60-80lbs for men and 40-60lbs for women.

YourHCG.com also has over 54,000 facebook likes and 12,000 twitter followers that participate in lively discussions, contests, and get support and encouragement from the https://fastescrowrefills.net health coaches.discount-coupon-copy

In addition, they provide homeopathic remedies that are made with person care using traditional manners complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They implement high quality standards for the manufacturing of the remedies in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).read-more

HCG Diet Safety

HCG Diet Safety

HCG diet safety is a very crucial thing to follow while on the HCG diet.  The HCG diet has been around for over five decades, with no proven damaging long-term or short-term side effects. However, to ensure HCG diet safety while on the HCG protocol, there are some precautions and steps any consumer should take when begning the HCG diet.’  Anyone that is presently on the diet or is considering it should exhaustively study the diet protocol as well as follow these steps to ensure HCG diet safety.  This will importantly help out with your weight loss, in addition to eliminating any risks associated with it.Hcg diet safety issues, hcg injection diet safety.

Importance of HCG diet safety

Owner Jaime Edmund said, ‘Your HCG offers limitless  support to help our clints with any questions that may arise during or after their weight loss journey on the HCG diet. As clints , they can call us with questions about the diet protocol, what to eat, how much to take, etc. This will help ensure optimal HCG diet safety.’  Your HCG has built their foundation of their business around the feedback of their clints.  They have nearly 200,000 clints now and is the original HCG reseller.  Because of that, they have truly optimized their HCG diet weight loss plan.

A few tips to help with HCG Diet Safety:

–          Consult your physician before starting any new diet plan. Doctors are always going to help with your safety while on the HCG diet. It is best to consult with a doctor before starting any weight loss plan too.

–          Read Dr. Simeons manuscript, Pounds and Inches. Make sure you understand the diet completely and exactly how it works. To have HCG Safety, knowledge is going to be your power.


–          Follow the diet. This includes eating the allowable foods and rectify serving sizes. Any slight variation can slow or stall your weight loss.

–           Drink plenty of water. Your body is getting rid of any sugars, starches, oils, fats, etc. while taking the HCG drops.  It is important to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water a day.read-more

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