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Review of HCG 1234 Diet Drops

One of the best hcg merchants in the hcg manufacture is the hcg 1234 diet drops. And therefore it has become our obligation to write a review on it. Three months back we buy a hcg diet drops bottle from the HCG 1234 website. The order was placed for a single bottle of hcg drops which was received […]

HCG Diet and 17 Day Diet Differences

17 Day Diet and HCG Diet Differences Your HCG saucersses the difference between the 17-Day Diet and the HCG diet.  With the HCG diet gaining popularity, more and more diet trends are starting to airfoil. One of these diet trends is the 17-Day Diet created by Dr. Mike Moreno and has been featured on such […]

HCG Diet Side Effects

What are the HCG Diet Side Effects? With every diet, you will experience HCG diet side effects. The HCG diet has been about for over 50 years with no proven long-term or short-term side effects. Many clients of Your HCG have experienced many positive, life-changing side effects. What are the Positive Side Effects of the […]

HCG Diet Spray and Other Methods

There are a lot of unlike options to administer HCG such as HCG diet spray. There are also others such as HCG injections, HCG spray, lotions, oral sprays and oral HCG drops. The results betwixt the injections, oral spray and oral drops are all similar. With any form of HCG you will need to follow the diet […]

HCG Diet Weight Loss Guide

HCG Diet Weight Loss Guide HCG diet weight loss is one of the loyal ways to lose weight if followed correctly.  HCG has become the last resort diet plan for many obese citizen throughout the world. The reason many citizen decide upon the HCG diet weight loss plan over the plethora of other diets is because […]

HCG Diet and Exercise

Should you exercise on the HCG diet? What kind of exercise should you do for the HCG diet to work?  Here is a brief article to help you better realise the HCG diet and exercise. There is no need to do high-intensity workouts and exercising while on the HCG diet.  In fact, these types of exercise […]

HCG Diet Tips and Motivation

HCG Diet Tip #1:  Learn how to actuate yourself. This is an crucial one not only for the HCG diet weight loss, but most areas of your life.  The world usually won’t come around to you to actuate yourself, so self motivation is a must.  If you wait and procrastinate you might be waiting a very long time, […]

Tracking your weight loss with Your HCG

When you buy your hCG plan through https://fastescrowrefills.net, we provide more than just hCG! We provide recipes, tips, and unlimited documentation along with a weight-tracking chart. This chart is sent via email or is available for download through our member’s only blog. It is a great tool that helps eliminate any room for error when it comes […]

HCG Diet at Home

HCG Diet: Doctor’s Office Vs. Home Many citizen looking to lose weight by the HCG diet are confused as to whom to purchase from.  Do they go to a weight loss clinic and diet under supervision of a doctor? Or do they save money by ordering HCG online? And who to choose from online? There […]